History of the Footwear

Let’s go back in time. When did it all start? The exact beginning of the history of footwear is difficult to […]

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Footwear Trends

Meet the shoe trends for winter The winter preview of the brands points to the dominance of the western trend, with […]

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Golden Goose – More Than Shoes

“Show Me Your Shoes and I Will Tell You Who You Are”

What do your shoes say about you?

Surely you have a favorite pair of shoes that, even if their condition suggests they should be changed, you practically don’t get out of the way. Did you know that this doesn’t just mean that you just like this model a lot, but it also says a lot about your personality and your approach to life? I’ll tell you what exactly.

If you are interested in your personality type, look at The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) – it is a behavioral assessment that calculates how people perceive the world and make decisions.

Neurotic, individualist, successful woman or romantic? Each of these personality types is assigned a certain footwear model.

What do dancers say about you?

If your favorite shoes are flats, you’re probably an incurable romantic, but there’s more. These shoes are also chosen by practical women who value comfort and often put it first. The colored dancers, eg. pink, are usually worn by women who would like to stay young for a long time or just feel that way. Another theory says that the lovers of the timeless French style focus on the dancers, who love style more than fashion.

What do high heels say about you?

ERlegant high heel shoe

In the case of stilettos, there are two versions: either you like to dominate and emphasize your position (e.g. in business) or you want to increase your sex appeal and feel feminine in all circumstances. High heels optically streamline the silhouette and make it more beautiful. So, if you often wear your favorite pair of pumps, it means you care about your appearance and love to look flawless, no matter the situation. This predilection can also indicate perfectionism.

What do wedge shoes say about you?

The wedge shoes, espadrille, décolleté or ankle boots that are, indicate that you are a woman who combines the characteristics of lovers of heels and ballet flats.

You appreciate pragmatism, but you certainly like to emphasize your femininity and your body values.

The choice of these shoes can also indicate a certain degree of hesitation that you try to fight by focusing on compromises.

Trends & News from the Blog

Ladies Shoe Types – Part II

Following our first post about women's shoe types, here is the rest of the most popular ladies footwear. The model d'Orsay The model d'Orsay is a very stylish shoe, which leaves uncovered one or both of the sides, revealing the arch of the foot. Elegant and refined, they are found in both high, medium and flat heels. If they are not well made they can be uncomfortable, because they do not offer much adherence to the foot and tend to escape from behind, which is why they sometimes have an ankle strap. There are also peep / open toe versions....
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Ladies Shoe Types

Do you know what type of shoes you have? Generally speaking, there is no real dress code for women's shoes as for men's elegance, so we rely on taste, the dictates of footwear fashion, the woman's personality and common sense. For example, if you love very high heels, but cannot walk on them in a natural and graceful way, it is better to choose a lower shoe model, so as not to fall into ridicule as well as… to the ground. There are so many female shoe models, with high, low, medium heels, purely feminine, masculine, trendy models, so it...
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Men Shoe Types

How many times have you wondered "What are these called"? It is said that on average a man must own about 5 types of shoes. In truth, there are more than five types of men's shoes. Here is a guide to the names, types and models of each men's shoe to learn how to recognize them all. Boots or ankle boot The men's ankle boot is one of the most versatile shoes ever. Existing on the market in dozens of different types, from biker boots to Chelsea boots (to understand, those of the Beatles), up to classic desert boots (such...
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What do sneakers say about you?

Wearing sneakers often can mean you’re a self-confident tomboy who knows her strengths well and doesn’t need to exalt them with high-heeled shoes. These shoes can also indicate the exuberance and creativity of the woman who wears them. If, on the other hand, when you put on sneakers, you are afraid of being perceived as masculine, this could mean that you have low self-esteem and that you do not accept your femininity. What do men’s style shoes say about you: oxfords, moccasins and loafers? This type of footwear is worn by relentless, ambitious and self-confident women. Prefer unconsciously shoes in men’s style – like oxford, the loafers, the loafers or brogues – may be a sign both a markedly feminist that an interest in fashion.

If you opt for this type of shoe, you probably don’t like to torment yourself with what others think of you.

What do bikers and amphibians say about you?

Do you often wear chunky ankle boots with a lace-up upper? Then you may have the problem with trusting others, you are reserved and you love to close yourself in a "protective armor". There is also a more optimistic theory about those who wear boots and bikers:

You feel independent and self-sufficient, you also love being with the family and you know that this type of footwear is ideal for most situations, when instead of shoes you prefer to think to your loved ones.