Men Shoe Types

Men shoe types

How many times have you wondered “What are these called”? It is said that on average a man must own about 5 types of shoes. In truth, there are more than five types of men’s shoes. Here is a guide to the names, types and models of each men’s shoe to learn how to recognize them all.

Boots or ankle boot

The men’s ankle boot is one of the most versatile shoes ever. Existing on the market in dozens of different types, from biker boots to Chelsea boots (to understand, those of the Beatles), up to classic desert boots (such as the very famous Clarks suede shoes, very popular in the 70s) it is the perfect shoe for every occasion. It can be combined with both jeans and a more formal dress.

Oxford or French

A men’s shoe name that you have surely heard. The men’s brogues are the quintessence of the shoe to combine with an elegant suit. They are mostly suitable for formal occasions. The name oxford derives from the famous Oxford university of the British city of the same name, where these shoes, in the nineteenth century, were enormously successful and there was no student who did not wear them.


This type of shoe is very similar to the brogues, but differs in the different seam of the cuff, or the back of the upper. If in fact this is sewn under the upper in oxfords, in derbies it is sewn above. They spread at the same time as oxfords and were mainly used as hunting shoes. Only from the twentieth century did they begin to be used in the city as well.


Brogues are a variant of oxfords and derbies, and it is possible to distinguish them from the others by the presence of embroidery on the upper of the shoe. They were originally designed to be worn in the countryside, but nowadays they are considered extremely elegant shoes, precisely because of the elaborate decorations that characterize them.


Initially conceived only as sports shoes, sneakers have gradually conquered the heart (and feet) of every man. Used in dozens of types, they are comfortable shoes suitable for any occasion and say a lot about you.


Men moccasin

The moccasin is a particular shoe because, unlike all the other types, it does not have laces. It can be in leather or suede. The origin of this shoe, although made famous by the Americans, is to be found in the traditions of the American Indians. In fact, the way in which the feet were bandaged to protect them from the elements inspired the design of this shoe.

Monk Strap

The monk straps are elegant shoes, in shiny leather, which have as their main feature a built-in gaiter that closes over the upper with two metal hooks. Elegant and original.


Slippers are nothing more than a type of shoes very similar to slippers. In fact, slipper in English means slipper. In addition to being combined with silk or flannel pajamas, these velvet shoes are also suitable for those who love refined elegance.


Summer shoe par excellence, sandals are open shoes that allow the foot to be in complete freedom. They can be of different materials, from rubber to leather, and have different designs.


As the name suggests, espadrilles are a typical Catalan shoe, made of rope and fabric. To be used only in the warm months, they are suitable for those who want to appear with a soft and relaxed look. Comfortable and cool, they are ideal for walking on the beach or in the city.

Boat shoes

The so-called “boat shoes” consist of a rather thick rubber sole and a moccasin-style upper with laces. They can be in leather or canvas. They were designed to be carried on boats, with materials that repel water. However, after the 1970s they also spread as city shoes.