Four Questions to Ask When Buying Shoes

No matter whether you shop online or offline for shoes, it is essential that you know which questions to ask when buying them to ensure the perfect pair that both fits well and looks fantastic! This way you will ensure that you find a pair that you will truly love and feel confident wearing!

Avoid making common shoe shopping errors like buying shoes that don’t match your outfits or are uncomfortably tight when looking for shoes. Keep these questions in mind while shopping:

What is my activity?

Make sure that the shoes you select for your sport or activity provide adequate support and cushioning – for running, this means finding something with great arch support and cushioning that bends easily under pressure – when it comes to purchasing running shoes. Bend the shoe slightly if necessary as this indicates too soft an arch support and could compromise performance; find out what rating they received among athletes doing similar sports or activities as yours as an additional indicator.

What is my budget?

Price can vary widely depending on brand, quality and design of shoes. Before beginning shopping it’s wise to set a budget as this will narrow down options and prevent overspending.

Keep in mind that simply because a pair of shoes is expensive doesn’t automatically indicate its superior quality; prior to making your decision, be sure to read reviews and inquire about its longevity before completing a transaction.

Do not fall for the old excuse of “they will wear in” or “they’ll widen over time”. Shoes should feel comfortable from the moment you put them on; walk around in them to check for any rubs, pressure points, or discomfort. A good pair of shoes should both look and feel great!

What is my style?

Attractively dressing can be great fun; however, when selecting shoes it is wise to think carefully about which style will complement both your wardrobe and occasion they will be worn for. It is best to select something suitable.

Your feet will feel more at home if they fit comfortably in terms of size and width, allowing for ease of walking around as well as optimal heel support.

Rushing into buying shoes can be dangerous to both you and your health, so always ask the questions listed above before investing your hard-earned money. As they say, “a stitch in time saves nine!” Also if the pair of shoes you have selected seem uncertain to you, take advantage of the three-day test before committing.

What is my foot shape?

Your foot shape plays an integral part in how well shoes fit. People with flat feet should select an arch-supporting shoe, while those with higher arches must find ones with a higher toe box. Measuring your width is also crucial when finding suitable footwear.

Some believe your foot shape can reveal something about your personality. A squared off foot is often associated with living an even-keeled life; long toes symbolize ambition while crooked toes can signify change-lovers.

To determine your foot shape, take a wet footprint on paper or a napkin and locate where the big toe bends – it should be wider than your heel.